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Cunningham Battalion - Logo

Our logo is made up of a number of parts, representing our location and our purpose.

  • The MOUNTAIN RANGE in the background is Cunningham’s Gap. This represents our area and Battalion name and all the outdoor and adventure opportunities available to us here.
  • The GREEN, in the foreground, symbolises the agricultural nature of our region.
  • The RIVER signifies the water ways that make their way into the Brisbane River, sustaining the life in our area. It also signifies the living water found in Christ.
  • The CROSS reminds us that all we do in the ministry of BB is with this focus – leading boys to Christ and our salvation through what He did on the Cross and that we a developing “true Christian Manliness”. By being in the front of the graphic, it emphasises the centrality of Christ and His sacrifice and the eternal life he has given us in all that we do in our ministry as a Battalion