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Anchors, our youngest boys aged 5-7, embark on a journey within the Boys’ Brigade community. Starting with those entering Prep at the age of 5, these youngsters find a nurturing space within the Boys’ Brigade.

The Anchors program is tailored for school-aged boys between 5 and 7 years, with a focus on cultivating essential attributes beneficial in various aspects of life—school, home, and the sports field. Our aim is to create a rich community for Anchors that acknowledges their dedication to service and allows them to exert positive influence. Fun is at the core of achieving these goals.

Activities that Anchors delight in include:

Playing Games: Through various games, we facilitate the development of social and friendship-building skills. These activities also contribute to the enhancement of gross motor skills while fostering a robust group dynamic—all while ensuring a fun experience.

Craft: Encouraging boys to engage in fun craft activities from a young age aims to expand their imagination and refine fine motor skills. Many of our leaders, who are tradespeople, impart their knowledge as skilled craftsmen from the local community.

Bible Stories: Anchors find joy in listening to Bible stories, fostering reverence for the Bible and guiding them in spending time with God.

Earning Badges: Recognition for efforts comes in the form of badges awarded at our special award nights ceremonies. These occasions honour the boys in front of their peers and parents.

Friendship: Unique experiences within the Boys’ Brigade create lasting friendships. Anchors are encouraged to include everyone and cheer for each other during games.

Leadership: Anchors get the opportunity to lead their group on parade and during game time, showcasing exemplary listening skills and setting an example. This leadership role is a much-honoured experience for each Anchor.

Sharing Time: A special segment where Anchors share their week with the group, discussing the positive moments, disappointments, or worries. Leader-led discussions highlight the benefits of open communication.

Adventure: Anchors take part in outdoor activities, camps, and outings, with parents or guardians welcome to attend and make these experiences memorable for each Anchor.

Uniform [top]

Anchor boys have a uniform! They wear a special uniform of navy shorts, navy BB shirt, BB socks and a cap. Their badges are worn on an armband. For shoes, they generally wear their school shoes.

Uniforms can be purchased via a uniform representative at your Company, or at the BBQLD Shop at the State Office. You can contact the BBQLD State Office on 07 3849 4498 or

Anchors Uniform

Anchors Uniform Order Form

BBQLD Merchandise Order Form

Child Safety [top]

All our adult volunteers hold a current Blue Card and have a current qualification in the Safe Environments Child Safety Program.

Cost [top]

All groups set their own costs and the price varies. Many BB companies are registered with the Fair Play Program and vouchers can be issued to qualifying children to cover fees. You will find that belonging to BB will be much cheaper than many other activities. Many churches cover expenses of the BB Company in their budget and some offer subsidies to help boys attend activities.

How to Join! [top]

Find the groups near you. Contact the leader for more information. You are welcome to just turn up at the Company. There is often a parent or leader who will be supervising sign in and will greet you and help your boy get settled.

Contact the leader in your local area or call the State Office to help you find a group near you. Alternatively, fill in your contact details and we’ll get in touch with you.