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Volunteer at Boys' Brigade

The Boys’ Brigade is built on Volunteers. All our leaders, helpers, chaplains are volunteers from the Company Church or other nearby churches. Being a leader with BB can make a huge difference in the life of a boy. You get to be a positive influence on a boy from the age of 5 until he turns 18, showing him how to become a leader, a Christian and Godly man.

What do our volunteers do? [top]

You can become an officer, do the training and be involved in all aspects of company life. Most officers focus on one age section. You can become a helper, coming along on nights that suit you to help out with activities. You can help with admin at the start of each night, collecting money, helping with uniforms You can help with events, doing devotions, being available for parents, communication and many other things that are behind the scenes.

What commitment do I need to make? [top]

We understand that there are times when you can’t commit to BB every week. We would love to have you there every week, but if you can only do once a fortnight or once a month or the occasional camp or event, that’s ok.

Is there an age limit? [top]

While we train Seniors with leadership potential to become non commissioned officers, other officers and leaders need to be at least 18. There is no upper age limit – don’t let age deter you!

Do I have to be a member of the Company Church? [top]

No, you can attend any church. The Company Church does have to endorse you, so will be covered by the church insurance and accepted as part of the BB team.