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The Seniors group is usually divided into two sections—Alphas (ages 12-14) and Omegas (ages 15-18). They are encouraged to have a go at heaps of activity options that are grouped into four areas : Physical, Outdoor, Skills and Core. They earn badges, from Level 1-5, for their efforts in the Seniors Award System.

Resources for Seniors Achievements are included on this page.

Seniors build on their anchor and junior years by

  • Learning practical skills
  • Developing a greater relationship with God
  • Growing as a leader
  • Making life-long friends
  • Playing great games/sports
  • Going on Expedition and Environmental Camps
  • Getting involved in the community
  • Competitions as an individual/team

The activities that the Company plans are usually focussed on helping the boy achieve their award goals.

Every 3 years, Seniors are encouraged to attend the Pan Australia Camp. BB’ers from all over Australia and the Pacific join together for a funtastic 10 day camp

The Seniors Award systems encourages the boys to grow in the following areas:

  • BB Knowledge
  • Scripture Knowledge
  • Hobbies
  • Sports
  • Skills
  • Citizenship
  • Expedition
  • Environmental

By achieving the required levels in these badges will earn the boys the prestigious

Sir William Alexander Smith Award


The Queen’s Badge.

Senior Boys are also involved in Battalion and State Events such as competitions and camps. These events are lots of fun and great opportunities for some friendly rivalry and meet new people.

Leadership Development [top]

As boys move up through their Senior years, they focus on leader development through Leadership Courses and also by taking on leadership roles within their group such as getting involved in the term planning, running games and leading devotions, calling parade and drill.

Seniors showing good leadership skills within their Company are promoted into Non Commissioned Officer Ranks such as Lance Corporal, Corporal, Sergeant and Staff Sergeant. Their leaders are referred to as Officers and have the ranks of Captain, Lieutenant and Warrant Officer.

Uniform [top]

The Seniors uniform is Navy Trousers, Navy BB Shirt, Light Blue Tie, Cap, BB Belt and a White Shoulder Belt. An armband is worn to show off their badges. Some Companies also wear a Contemporary uniform of a Navy BB Polo Shirt and Peaked Cap. Uniforms can be ordered through your group or direct from the BB Qld Uniform Shop.

You can find where to position badges on the uniform and armband here.

Uniforms can be purchased via a uniform representative at your Company, or at the BBQLD Shop at the State Office. You can contact the BBQLD State Office on 07 3849 4498 or

Seniors Uniform

Seniors Uniform Order Form

BBQLD Merchandise Order Form

Shirt Measurements

Child Safety [top]

All our adult volunteers hold a current Blue Card and have a current qualification in the Safe Environments Child Safety Program.

Cost [top]

All groups set their own costs and the price varies. Many BB companies are registered with the Fair Play Program and vouchers can be issued to qualifying children to cover fees. You will find that belonging to BB will be much cheaper than many other activities. Many churches cover expenses of the BB Company in their budget and some offer subsidies to help boys attend activities.

How to Join! [top]

Find the groups near you. Contact the leader for more information. You are welcome to just turn up at the Company. There is often a parent or leader who will be supervising sign in and will greet you and help your boy get settled.

Contact the leader in your local area or call the State Office to help you find a group near you. Alternatively, fill in your contact details and we’ll get in touch with you.

Senior Resources [top]