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Would you like to be a BB Leader?  [top]

Becoming a BB Leader is a rewarding, challenging and worthwhile venture! All our Companies are looking for Christian men who have a passion to “advance Christ’s Kingdom among boys” and promote habits of Obedience, Reverence, Discipline, Self Respect and all that tends towards a true Christian Manliness – that’s The Object of The Boys’ Brigade!  That sounds pretty intense, but all it boils down to is discipling boys and mentoring them. You can read more below about what it means to be an Officer (registered leader) or a helper in a BB Company.

Contact the Captain of a group near you to talk about how you can join their team.

Captains [top]

The Captain of a BB Company oversees the program, leaders and boys and is responsible to the BB Company Church and BBQLD. The Captain is chosen by the church and will be approved by both the church and BBQLD.

Officers [top]

All our Officers (trained leaders) are volunteers. Officers are men and women who have completed The Boys’ Brigade training and have been approved by both the BB Company Church and BBQLD. They will have the rank of Lieutenant and wear a white epaulette with blue logo (pictured).

Officers are trained by BBQLD in:

Company Induction Program

BB Basics

BB Vision and History

BB Award Schemes

Drill for Leaders

Safe Environments

Being a Leader

Development Disability and Behaviour

Programming Foundations

They complete their training with a visit to another Company.

After officers have completed and submitted their modules, they become a registered leader with BBQLD. All Officers must have a valid Working With Children Blue Card.

Qualified Officers have a leadership role within the Company. Their commitment to BB is usually one night a week during the school terms, plus attending other events for Company, Battalion and State at other times. They are usually involved in program planning meetings, leading devotions, games and activities, calling parade and drill, guiding boys through their badgework, planning and attending other activities such as camps and other events.

BBQLD offer training events during the year. Officers can also take on other training, such as adventure activities, where they can qualify in a speciality sport eg canoeing, bushwalking etc. If a Company has an officer with a certification in an outdoor activity, the Company can qualify grants such as the FairPlay Vouchers, which assists qualifying parents with their membership fees or larger grants which can provide training and equipment to the Company.

Officers Uniform [top]

Officers also wear a Classic Uniform which consists of black pants, white shirt, black tie, tie bar, bb belt and glengarry with a cap badge. They will also wear a BB Australia Name badge. Epaulettes to show rank, either Captain, Lieutenant or Warrant Officer) are worn on the shoulders.

They may also wear other badges they have been awarded such as Duke of Edinburgh badge, Mini Queen’s Badge and Officer Long Service Badge

The Contemporary Uniform is a white BB White Polo Shirt, BB Baseball Cap, BB Name Badge, Navy Trousers, BB Belt, plain black socks and plain black shoes.

Uniforms can be purchased via a uniform representative at your Company, or at the BBQLD Shop at the State Office. You can contact the State Office on 07 3849 4498 or

Officers Uniform

Officer Uniform Order Form

Leader Resources [top]

Helpers [top]

BB Helpers are people who come along on Company night to lend a helping hand. They don’t have to be trained as an officer nor do they perform the duties of the officer. They may attend every week, once a fortnight or once a month.

Helpers assist with activities, help with set up and clean up, crowd control and just having a great time getting alongside the boys and leaders. They may attend other activities if they want.

Helpers can be part of BB without the Officer responsibilities.

People can come on board as a helper just to teach a skill or share in devotions. If you are a tradesperson, you might like to come to BB for a few nights to share some tricks of the trade – eg Mechanic show how to do basic car maintenance, carpenter/builder teach how to make a basic item with some tools.

Helpers must have a valid Working with Children Blue Card

Helpers are not required to wear the Officers uniform, but they may choose to wear a BBA White or Navy Polo Shirt.